Nathan Wiersma

NWphoto01Nathan Wiersma is the founder and manager of the Amsterdam Maker Festival, involved in urban redeveloping in the Netherlands, and a creator and organizer of special events. As one of the managing partners of SVP Sfeerbeheer he works to create sustainable and innovative concepts for events, communication and urban environments. Sfeerbeheer is a Dutch word meaning to manage ambiance.

Nathan has more than 12 years of experience in events and communication, and more than 20 years experience in management, which he brings to bare in finding solutions and through the sharing of his network and knowledge. Nathan specializes in strategically connecting his expertise with the clients’ knowledge about their community, customers, company, staff, partners and stake-holders,  helping his clients’ to develop cutting edge creative and meaningful realities. Nathan and his team are always working to exceed their clients’ expectations: spreading innovative and sustainable ideas; creating effective transfer of knowledge; inspiring audiences; increasing the motivation of partners or employees; improving customer relationships; re-purposing historical buildings or affecting innovative changes in urban environments; or just creating an inspiring event or party.

Specialties: Concept developing; Communication; Re-developing; Relationship Marketing; Product Launches; Exhibitions & Trade Fairs; Conventions; Openings; Jubilee; Openings; Staff Parties & Team Building.

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